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Monday, 7 April 2014

Six eyes - A real story (JOHN PAUL)

Note: This is a 100% true account of a person's life. When you read or comment please keep that in mind. One of the worst incidents I have ever heard in my life.

"I will be there in half an hour."
"Are you sure that your room is free?"
"Absolutely. Make it fast." Siva replied with uncontrollable irritation as he cut the call.

He then started to text, "Half an hour"

Sending to Anna............

Yes. That is how he stored his partner's name. Is he really a partner? Technically the answer would be a big NO. But Sam preferred his name to be stored and called in that way only, as he doesn't want the two other roommates to find anything fishy between Sam and Shiva.

Shiva, a physiotherapy student in government college is now busy with his final year internship. A young boy with a big question about future. The only thing he is so sure about all his life is the fact that he is a pure gay. Sam is 10 years older than Shiva and has probably seen a hundred men before meeting him. Almost all those hundred men have either married  a woman or are about to marry women while enjoying with every possible Tom's Dick they could find in their hurry. Sam who is an engineer and a devout Christian chose to sin on all the 6 days as he has to reserve Sunday for his 'God'.

Shiva grew more restless. Suddenly his throat started experiencing pin pricks. The two litres of water he drunk in the past one hour had already made its way out through his uncontrolled sweat and gallons of urine. He tried to distract his mind by watching his favorite cartoons but to no avail. The pangs of reality took a complete toll on his nervous system.

"Tud tud..." a heavy noise as if someone was forcefully trying to enter that bachelor's fort by striking with a log on that pathetic door.

With a rocketing of adrenaline, Shiva rushed to the door only to find Sam standing with a relaxed face.

"Shiva. What happened? Why do you sweat like an old man? Have bath first."

"Is it really necessary?"

"See. I know what is best for you. I will never do anything that harms you. Do you believe me or not?"


Just before he could complete, Sam clutched his hands and gave him a blue pill.

"Take it now. Will start to act within one hour."

"I know."

"Love you dear. I am gonna sleep in bedroom. I will keep the door locked. I have already made calls to Tarun and Irfan. They are watching movie in Skywalk. You have got 3 hours from now."


Shiva blasted into a stream of tears the moment he opened the shower. Well. What else could one do? He is a boy who lived his life with dignity most of the times. He got approached by many deserving men for sex before the advent of Sam. It is his fate to have ended up with Sam, a Christian who believes that he can pray away the Gay and is hopeful of settling with a woman next month with the blessings of his family. He could not be fully blamed for being bad as like any other prostitute on earth he has a huge melodramatic flashback to justify his behavior. Anyhow Shiva got tricked by the good nature of Sam and started loving him from the word go. As for Sam he thought of Shiva just like the other men who entered his life and spent his days with Shiva with the maximum possible sexual exploits with an occasional 'I love you' to keep Shiva motivated.

As he took the Tedibar soap to apply in his face Shiva could no longer bear the bitterness spit by his heart. This is a special soap purchased recently by Sam for Shiva. Shiva has an oily skin that is prone to acne outbursts which left indelible marks in his otherwise handsome face.

He could not help but remember that day of purchase. Sam took him to a skin specialist who prescribed this soap and a few other creams. While waiting to get the soap from pharmacy Sam made a senseless remark to Shiva. "On the positive note you should thank God for giving you acne and pigmentation. That is why you were spared from sleeping with many men. See. Many gays love to kiss a guy only with a clear skin." Shiva could no longer bear the shame. When his colleagues and friends mocked him for this issue he could take it sportively. But Sam? After all these years? Shiva left the spot immediately. Sam chased him and made innumerable excuses for his tongue roll but the intended as well as unintended damage has already been done.

After bath Shiva relaxed his tender body under fan with only a towel to his waist. He opened Planetromeo in his mobile and started to check his messages.

"Nice cock" "When will you **** me?" "Love you dear"

 These are the only things that could bring a little smile to Shiva these days. Once he made a vow to give his body only to his partner. It fell into the wrong hands which took pictures of him and posted them in  PR. "Shiva. There is nothing like being a gay. You have got a lengthy cock. You can become a bisexual. Try to fuck few bottoms and you are all done." Sam kept on doing this brainwashing for the past few months and finally Shiva gave up. What else could a guy do when he is full of suicidal intentions?

He chose a wrong person who used him only for sex . Two years of acne problem and one year of pigmentation issues. Mocked by almost every human in his surrounding for his looks and for his soft attitude which got misinterpreted as being feminish. It was too much for anyone of his age to handle. Just when he was beaming with suicidal ideas Sam found it to be a wonderful ground for cultivating bisexual thoughts. "When you fuck a person your mind gets relieved. You will be prepared for your marriage also."

A mild knock at the door.

When Shiva opened the door he was a bit taken aback by the image that stood in front of him. He is well built and looked manly.

"Hello. Shall I?"

"Yep. Please come in."

Shiva could barely speak. However he managed.


"No thanks. Just switch off the light."

"That soon?"

"Then what?"

"You said you're a bottom. Are you really?"

"Ah.. That's your issue eh? Show me your dick. If it is like the one in your profile you can use me as bottom."

The blue pill began its work. The visitor was left astonished.

"I know. Slim guys always have lengthy ones. I will be your bottom for another one hour. It is up to you now."

Shiva could no longer speak.



After ten minutes....



An hour passed. The visitor got extremely pleased.

"How could you hold it up for an hour? Good stamina buddy."

Shiva was profusely sweating. He just replied in one words to all the queries.

"See you next week Shiva. I will surely come again."


Shiva locked the room and sat in the chair as if he was stupefied by some Potter's spell.

Sam opened the bedroom's door.

"Why did you kiss him?"

Shiva kept on looking at his mobile phone.

"You dog. Why did you kiss him? What the $#%% are you looking in your mobile?" shouted Sam as he snatched it away.


Delete message? YES/NO.

Sam immediately pressed the YES button.

"Sorry Shiva. Since it is your first time I thought I could give a little guidance. That's why I had to send all those messages while you are doing."

Shiva kept his mum. Sam took out his mobile and shoved right in front of his face.

"See. These are my pics. See. See how I sweated and got horrified on watching you having sex with other person. See my face." Sam showed him 5 selfies of himself registering horror in that old face. "Do you think that I enjoy sending you to other men and see your sexual activity with them? Definitely no. I was watching it only to prevent you from getting harmed. What if the other person turned out to be a cheater? Only only only to safeguard you and guide you I was looking through the hole in that door. I am not a heartless fellow. I love you too. But this society will accept us only if we marry a woman. See. Now you have got the confidence to fuck. Now you can marry a girl too if you want. I have done only good for you. But I can't tolerate seeing my partner kissing another person."

Shiva gave a cold stare and replied, "But you can tolerate seeing your partner fucking someone else in front of your eyes. Right?"

"No. No. That is only for your practice. I will always love you. You don't understand my good intentions. You want to project me as a bad guy in this. OK. Do it. But I know that I have done good for you." Saying this Sam left that place. All Shiva could now hear was a door bang and dying footsteps of Sam who is making his way towards the local Church.

Shiva could still not recover from the shock. 'I have conducted a peep show. My sexual activity with another guy to the person I love. How did I do it?'.

Yes. How did he do such a perversion? A boy with moral values. A boy who has not slept with more than two gay men in his entire life so far. A person with a firm belief in gay love and relationship.

Shiva entered the bedroom. When he looked at the mirror his pigmented face started to torment him even more. Yes. As you expected, he broke the mirror. He threw all the religious books from that cupboard. All books of Sam. Suddenly his glance went towards the basket. Two tissue papers were lying crumbled in it. Shiva took it by the tip of his fingers. Semen. The two tissue papers were soaked in Semen. He doesn't need any forensic examination to tell that it belonged to Sam.

Forgetting all his sorrows he began to laugh out aloud. "I did it only with good intentions" - the lines of Sam kept ringing in his minds as he threw the semen soaked tissues back into the basket.

Shiva's mobile chirped a few beeps....

It is Vinod. His casual visitor.

"Hello Shiva"

"Did you forget anything in the room?"

"No. I just called to make an offer."

"I don't understand."

"Don't act. I know everything. I saw a person from your bedroom watching us through the narrow slit in it. You were giving peep show to him right."

"I... I.."

"Hey. No problem. I liked it too. I just called to ask if I could watch a peep show of you and the person who poked his head from inside."

Shiva's mobile laid in pieces while Sam entered the room.

"What happened Shiva?" Sam tried to console Shiva who was soaking pillows with his hot tears.

Pushing away Sam's hands, Shiva shouted, "Don't call me by my name. Call me as prostitute."

"No dear. Don't worry. God will help us."

"Get away from me you b@#$%d. Am a prostitute. A call boy. A peep show presenter. An ugly face. Am a Gay. Am a Gay..........

If only Gods could hear.........................


  1. Felt shattered reading this ... Cudnt control ma tears... // i did it only with good intensions...// i wish i cud kill him with ma own hands...

  2. Every gay would share your feelings. I felt the same on seeing that monster.

  3. Not just the society.. at times.. even gays are against gays.. I pity that poor soul.. :(

    Sam is ignorant in one regard. He thinks that gays who play the dominant role can live happily ever after their marriage. I have come across a top gay who was so scared about sexual intercourse. He was also jealous about his bottom friends who were (happily?!) married and fathered children!

    1. You think so. But Sam knew what he was doing. He is responsible. He planned everything from alpha to omega. Just read the story once again to find how scheming and wicked that fellow is

  4. Sorry to say this.. I could not able to read and understand many words because i am weak in english.. Like me, atleast one friend exists..So try to translate in Tamil if possible..

    1. இதற்கு கிடைக்கும் வரவேற்பை பொறுத்து கண்டிப்பாக செய்ய முயற்சிக்கிறேன். There's no need to feel sorry for this small thing Rajaguru

  5. And shiva is still in touch with Sam

    1. Shiva has taken his revenge for everything. This is not the only bad thing that Sam has done. There are at least 3 such horrifying incidents. The revenge taken by Shiva will also be written one day.

  6. Really Shiva is neither a prostitute, nor a call boy and even not a peep show presenter but Sam is too Ugly... I don't know how these kind of gay people (Sam) got their enlightenment that their partner (Sam) can fuck bottoms which will lead to their bisexual life only at the time of their marriage. Until that they wont even remember their partner's are having a family. In reality, lot of Sam's are available among Shiva's in different disguise. All Sam's are thinking that they are the only handsome creatures (லட்டூ பீஸ்) in the world and they only gave the life for some pitiful creatures (Shiva- அட்டு பீஸ்). Even talking all these non-senses, Some Sam's need Shiva in their bed within a week of their marriage. I am glad that at least that Shiva took revenge on his Sam since I am a 'Shiva' but the difference is this Shiva (me) is still having his vengeance in his heart on my Sam. My Sam mesmerized me not to even think of a revenge by always saying "if you really loved me, you don't think of doing bad things even in your dreams...
    Note: Eagerly waiting to know about Shiva's revenge on Sam and the present life of Shiva...

    1. Sam is now facing a divorce case given by his wife. He's completely broke - financially and personally. Rejected by his family, friends and also his church. Shiva is settled in a great job and is looking for a good relationship with a person who could genuinely love him.

    2. Here gays are used and being used by many straight person. A gay cheated by straight or gay is happening. From facebook when i am looking many persons are giving many quotes about gay/bi. But good thing for me that i read vijay's article before entering to facebook gay society.
      So somewhere i was debuted about that what is gay/bi, what is not! Suppose a boy who like to lead his life with another boy is bold decision but where we are trying to search that person is important.
      I strongly believe that gay stories, gay article will help a gay and also will increase level of acceptance by normal society. Gay itself required a lot of lecturers to know what i am. Weak heart, buttering heart leads a straight man to take advantage of gay or by rude gay.

    3. You're right. Whatever. The straight curious and bisexual people still remains as the number one threat to Gays who wish to live with dignity.

    4. Now I can realize what may happened to Sam... On this kind situations, Shiva's are choosing a decision among three different types of decisions (i) more cowardly act- Suicide, (ii) simple coward act- attending the marriage with a heavy heart and tears in their eyes, and (iii) the final one but a courageous act - revenge. Shiva took the third option. I am proud of Shiva but really pity on Sam. After reading this, if some of the Sam's got wisdom, it will be the success of this writing. I wish Shiva will get a good, peaceful, and a lovable life with a lovable partner at least hereafter...

      Note: Has Sam contacted Shiva for any kind of compromise after these happenings? Has Sam understood his mistake?

    5. Shiva attended his marriage. Stayed with him in the room thereafter too. Got sexually approached by Sam 10 days after the marriage. Shiva was confident that his marriage would run into trouble. So he waited for the perfect chance and stood as a moral support to Sam in his troubled times. Shiva took two years to make Sam to madly fall in love with him and finally at the right time dumped him. Now Sam could not carry on his prostitution with other guys because he experienced real love. Without making him fall in love he could not have taken the revenge. His marital life with his wife was not spoiled by Shiva. But his bisexual life became a question. Now he is begging Shiva to accept him as a lover. That's a big story. It is only after two years of struggle he was able to take his revenge. Further fate played a larger role in Sam's life. Shiva just made use of the available opportunities. Will write about it one day.

    6. Now here is where i find some homosexuals getting very dramatic. If sam was to blamed for crushing shiva's dreams n morals I say shiva holds d blame for spoiling his own life for the next two years. He should have walked out of sam's life after his marriage n consider it a beginning of a new phase of life. I mean, "love" is beautiful emotion n in this case d primary thing which shiva fell for but then how can he use the same "love" itself for something as negative as revenge?? seems like shiva did not value "love" either..if at all d point was to make him realise the mistake he shud have had the nerves to take him back once he had taught him a lesson. This is ultra crazy.

    7. Love happens only once. There is difference between your first and second kiss. You think its easy to move on to a new love or to take back the old love. For you and me it may seem ultra crazy and dramatic because we did not experience at least one percent of what he experienced so far. I told you only one part of his story. There's reason as to why he took revenge. I will write every painful thing that happened in his life. You can judge him then.

    8. @ John Paul,
      I am haPpy that Shiva taught Sam the lesson of pain obtained from the betrayal... I can understand the hurting in the heart of Shiva. I know, it wont fade away.
      Note: I hope in these two years of life, Sam may not have a kid...

      Even though it looks dramatic, its happening in the reality not only in the case of gays but also wherever the case of love betrayal... Without Sam's knowledge, Shiva wont loved him deeply this much. Sam used Shiva just in the name of LOVE. Shiva has not wasted just the two years (post-marriage period of Sam) but he actually wasted all the years he lived with Sam. If Sam wants Shiva in his bed just within the ten days of marriage, how could Shiva leave Sam. The lesson taught to Sam was not a crazy thing since all Shiva's are not Gandhi, Buddha, or Jesus to forgive all the sins done by Sam. I can personally tell you that in those two years, Shiva would have really got a lot of bitter experiences on caring Shiva (Since I am also a victim) which may lead to the dumping decision of Shiva... Hope you may understand at least now...

    9. The beauty is Sam is having a kid aged 2 years. Shiva is opposed to the divorce since he feels sorry for the life of that kid. Sam's wife dumped him because of the ego clash between them. Now sam may get the custody of his boy child. That is also one of the reason why Shiva decided to stay away from his life.

    10. Really the decision taken by Shiva is worderful and worthy. This decision is itself proves that he is not selfish. I pray GoD that the sins done by Sam should not affect his child.

      Note: Is Sam going to remarry?

  7. Whatever happened to Shiva is sad. Had he really been a guy with such high morals this act must have been devastating for him, devastation enough to demolish his self respect and dignity. But i take this as an opportunity and would like to venture into the reason why many fall into the traps of selfish and culprit goons like shiva did in this case.

    "Love & Relationship" has become a very over-rated term these days. I know as humans all of us earn for love and that too when its from a source that is in no way bonded as in family we value it more (friends & lovers) but the problem starts when we get a little desperate for it. To fall in and out of relationship has become like a (facebook) fashion statement. And some homosexuals think that quoting he/she is in a relationship earns him a respectable image and otherwise he/she would only be considered a hooker. And then there is this section of people who really miss love for reasons like staying away from home, unfriendly atmosphere in colleges and work places. These are the most vulnerable ones whp easily fall for sugar coated words of anybody. Love is a feeling like thirst, you feel it , cherish it. Where as lover is someone you need only to share that feeling, like water is to thirst. So Love thyself, you will never feel alone and give yourself lots and lots of time before you decide who you wanna share that treasured feeling of love with. Never let any external factors influence your life choices. If there is anybody who would like to know how to stop oneself from falling in love coz of peer/ society pressure (the first two reasons i hav quoted) i wil write that in another comment. I would like to keep this comment short just not to distract from the central idea. Have a wonderful life all :)

    1. Thanx for your thoughtful comment Manoj kiran. Kindly refer to my previous article titled 'Do love at first sight works out for gays? ' in the blog.

    2. Actually i did check that shortly after reading this. that one was a well thought one too..