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Wednesday 4 June 2014

Priceless Pleasure - Part I (By JOHN PAUL)

(Translation of the Tamil story 'Vilayilla Inbam' written by Vijay Vicky)

[Disclaimer: All the characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. In addition, all the pictures posted here are taken using Google search for entertainment purpose only]
Abhimanyu stormed inside the black Skoda Car that was kept waiting for him in front of Coimbatore Railway station. The blitzed Skoda negotiated through the hair-pin bends and finally halted in front of Ooty's one of the most famous 5 star lodgings 'Hotel Viji Paradise'. There could be hardly anyone who is not mesmerized and stunned by the beauty of Abhimanyu while he is getting down from the Skoda. Is this, how the Greek Gods descended from the heavens to conduct cupid strikes and encounter human savouries? Well, that could be the closed comparison to compliment his unreasonably good looks. The neon lights in the hotel played a chromatic game on his sandal coloured face to manoeuvre into yellowish hue. Starting from his black tees, dark blue jeans, spiked-up hairs, studded ear and almost everything on his body not only showcased his beauty but also elevated it into another level.

''Welcome Sir'' said the receptionist who courted Abhimanyu right from the hotel entrance. His flirted approach clearly conveyed his fling towards Abhimanyu. In turn, Abhimanyu gently moved his sweet lips composed of scented rose petals which ultimately produced a mild flash of glittering pearls exploring his perfect healthy teeth arrangement.

“Your lucky room 201 is ready for you sir” smiled the receptionist and handed over the keys to him. Touching Abhimanyu’s hand gave jitters to the receptionist which anyone can understand from his face reaction Abhimanyu murmured “Lucky room? Lucky rooooom...” to himself and started walking towards it. The room let out a strong blow of jasmine scent making its way out as he strolled in. A king-size bed covered with a velvet blanket awaited for the uncrowned prince. After throwing his bag on the bed, he just laid on the bed due to the toll obtained from his the train travel from Chennai to Coimbatore and the immediate Skoda ride from Coimbatore to Ooty. Wallhanging having the portrait of a naked lady made a courteous smile but his intent to sleep overcame the aesthetic zeal of art connoisseur to look for its hidden message. While his eyes started to retire a little bit, his mobile suddenly started chirping in the name of Bhaskar.

“Yep boss.”

“Reached the room?”


“And started sleeping already” Abhi sprung up from his bed and shockingly made a 360 degree view of the room confirming the absence of any individuals.

“Have you set up cameras too?”

“Do I need those to predict who you are and what will you be doing? Its almost 7 now. Have dinner and get ready before 9 PM. I mean before his arrival. Do you understand? Don’t delay like your previous Bangalore trip.”

“Fine. Send that Chimpanzee soon”

“Hi, that's Singhvi. Ashok Singhvi.”

“What’s with a name when lights wink off?”

“Take the shower like I have told you. Don't forget to take that tablet. Then...”

“Then? What else? Armageddon. I’ll manage. You have told all these to me innumerable times. Enough.”

His mobile showed 7.15 PM. He needed ‘Food before his f**k fight’ and so he rung up the room service ordering a “Schezwan Noodles with Oyster sauce”

The bathtub awaited Abhi to retire in it and he poured a bottle of spa aromatic fragrance which he carried from Chennai (“Don’t forget to add the special ingredient which keeps you in a good aroma till the morning” – It’s nothing but one of his master’s orders). The hot water steamed out with lust on touching his cold body. How could it not steam when it could gain an unrestricted access to a sculpted sun? He washed off the water’s lust with a towel. The next moment, he began to rub a gel all over his body. (“Your body should glow, So use that Shiner gel” – it’s also nothing but his master’s orders).

A knock without any voice...

“Oh my God, its only 8 and that Chimpanzee already arrived? Boss predicted it right. History is gonna repeat itself” With this thinking, he made his way to the door. Its the room service boy waiting with a variety of dishes in the trolley. Abhi did not feel embarrassed to stand half naked in front of him with only a towel tied around his waist. How could he feel the shame? The mega billboard showing him in just vests and briefs for the 'Eagle Brand innerwears' has become a landmark for Guindy junction in Chennai.

“Sir, I couldn’t believe that it’s you. Your dance in that SS Silks ad, it’s simply superb sir” so began the room service boy who then began a high octane rendition of that damned ad song, “Collection. Selection. Admiration. Dresses beyond your imagination. Be the cynosure of all eyes’ adulteration”. He even tried to mimic Abhi’s hip movement in that song.

“Dear, Dear, that’s adulation and not adulteration”

“Are these words important sir? Your presence sir... That little move you make... That look... That matters sir”

Finally Abhi managed a farewell for his devout admirer after letting only those delicacies in. Abhi had hardly appeared in three ads and that too for low profile organizations. Such an admiration is beyond proportions. But that's the psyche of our people who associate a wink-and-a-miss appearance in media with popularity.

Abhi ordered a whole lot to satisfy the voices of his stomach. “I should have to hit the gym at least for two hours tomorrow to compensate this” Abhi's mind warned as he slurped all those.

Its just ten minutes before nine. Abhi stood in front of the mirror as his narcissistic mind overtook. His boss was right. The shiner had manipulated his body's glow. Abhi pampered his face with toners, night creams and ended up his decoration with a dab of lip balm. Even a delicious food needs an attractive presentation and aesthetics, right? Abhi's preparation for the midnight's masquerade ended up with the swallowing of a blue tablet.

The counting from nine ended up soon with a wild knock at the door. It’s certainly Singhvi. Here, there's no need for any introduction or special identification. That man definitely looked like an albino afflicted Chimpanzee. Burgundy touches in hair, prominent nose, tobacco stains smiling their way out, a belly which over-rides his entire body frame, middle age - may be in the early 40’s. Well that could describe that figure for enough. Singhvi swirled his cousin ‘drunken monkey’ and sat on the bed. Singhvi surveyed the geographies of Abhi's body and let out a ghastly laugh.

Abhi locked the door and sat next to Singhvi in a composed manner. Abhi whispered “Shall I switch off the lights?” in Singhvi's ear. His voice never conveyed a message of disgust, dislike or desperation which anyone of his stature could have towards a species like Singhvi. Darkness took over the world. The dark clouds collapsed on the Moon and drank its glow with an unquenchable thirst. The Moon welcomed every disturbing, repugnant touches of the cloud and waited for it to pass by.

Singhvi left the room before the shades of sun started to overpower the Moon and hide it from the dark clouds. Abhi slumbered half - nakedly in the bed till 8 am. His mobile began to chant and welcome the call of Bhaskar

“Yeah...” answered Abhi in a half - sedated tone.

“Did everything go well? Singhvi is exceedingly happy. Said that he never had a company like you in years. Agreed to deposit 50,000. Bear it for another two days and manage well. Tonight at 9, he will come exactly like yesterday"

“Fine. Let me get some rest” Abhi pleaded with the childish voice.

“Take care.”

Abhi broke off his relationship with bed by 11. Washed his face and wandered outside for a whiff of fresh air. The Sun is still struggling to have a comeback with its full glory. The greenish prides of those plants, shrubs, trees and even the grass all gave an impression of an emerald island. Even the grass revealed its coitus with snow which tried to run away like an illegitimate lover when the Sun started to peek its head to look at its better-half on earth. The crotons in the garden were carved to be mini-elephants, deer and even as a heart. Abhi seated himself on the grass which is shamelessly dripping with dews and felt a tickling feel in his buns.

Children were splattered all over the ground. Even the angels would feel jealous on these wingless mini-gods playing on earth . Their looks, dress and almost everything certified their social stature. Their moms? Yes. At a considerable distance. Why don't these damn moms not get destined to become mummies instead.  Abhi made a curious survey of all these when suddenly a voice called out from the back.

“Sir. Is this kerchief yours?”

“This definitely is a damn old scene.” smiled Abhi sarcastically.

“What sir?”

“I told you that this scene really dates back to the dinosaur’s era.”

“Sir. Truly, I found this kerchief down and thought of asking you whether it was yours” replied the startled visitor.

“So... You wanna talk to me? In the past one hour, you’ve crossed my spot at least 10 times. Twice you tried to talk with me and then you left with hesitation. Come on. Make yourselves comfortable.” Abhi pointed the visitor to sit near him. “How long will you stand and keep on just looking at me?” Abhi spoke in the most crafted manner. Even the movement of his lips evoked sensual feelings to the stranger.

The visitor was left baffled for words in Abhi's presence. The newbie is not the extremely attractive type.  He is in his early twenties and a boy-next-door with decent looks and slender frame. Only his grey eyes and curly hairs distinguished him from the crowd.

“Enough. Break your silence. Your name? What do you do?” asked Abhi who now is in a desperate need of a company, for he is used to Bhaskhar's continuous babbling back in Chennai. The silence of the stranger made him weary.

“Am Yuvaraj. Finished my catering. Am here for my internship which gets over tomorrow. Native is Viluppuram. My dad works there in a government office...”

“Enough... Enough... Am not going to fix you up in a marriage. I don't need your history and geography”

Yuvaraj could not conceal his beautiful blush while smiling for Abhi's comment. He definitely looked much better with his smile. “Fine. Tell about you. Your work?” Abhi could notice the hesitation that made its passage in Yuvaraj's throat while he mentioned ‘work’.

“I work for NASA”

“In NASA? What work?”

“Painting rockets”

“Don’t bluff sir... Who’s that person who checked into your room last night?”

“He wished to get his rocket painted by night. Ethically I’m obliged to do my work, even if it is night, right?”

“Make it clear sir”, Yuvaraj started to scratch his head.

“See. Excessive explanations would be disgusting. What do you wanna know? Yes. Am a Call Boy. That person who came into my room yesterday night; he is my customer. I am aware that most of the hotel staffs have a fair idea of who I am. I am also aware that they would laugh at my back once I check out of the Hotel. Few people flirt with me openly. And then there are few who try to entertain themselves using just a ten rupees handkie” Abhi made a crisp brief of his embarrassment with utmost ease as he chewed on orbit gum.

Yuvi took several minutes to recover from the casual reply of Abhi. In particular, the word ‘people who try to entertain themselves with just a ten rupees handkie’ had a lethal strike on the intentions of Yuvi.

“Sir. You mistook me. Am not like that.”

“Leave it. Let’s talk something else.”

“Why did you choose this?”

“See Yuvi. I don't wanna create sympathy by making my Mom a heart patient, my brother a handicap, my sister awaiting for her marriage and so on. Simply stating I don’t have a choice. Uneducated. Worked in a hotel from my younger days. My boss used to make sexual advances to me. I felt it good since my cooperation with him ensured that I’m spared a lot from my daily work. I used to get special treatment in the form of food and other perks. Once a person in Hotel remarked that I look good and he could get me into modelling if I slept with him. I slept. I entered modelling.”

“Am not educated but I learnt to dress like one. Learnt to manage with few English words. My hands are full and my life is relaxed. Previously, I use to get few hundreds. Rarely, a thousand. After modeling and just three odd appearances in ads ensured that I get 50,000 per day. Now am about to get a film offer. Hero’s friend. That would ensure my star value and few lakhs for leasing out thereafter.” Abhi laughed to his heart’s content.

Abhi neither hesitated nor chose to hide anything from Yuvi. He lacked such a person in his life. Only on rare occasions, we used to get people whom we trust fully from the word ‘go’ and start our blind confessions.

Abhi's story did not wait too long to jerk out few drops from Yuvi's eyes. They shifted their conversation to almost everything in the universe. “Will Simbu end up in a marriage with a girl or are the allegations true?” “Ever had a meal at Amma Tiffin Centre or the motels at Vikravaandi stop in the border of Viluppuram?” “Will Chennai Metro ever see the light of the day?”. They found a lot in common between them. They forgot the cold and the rumblings in their stomach; even the feel that they are in Ooty. Its moments of pure conversation taking over the senses. For a heart predominates brain better.

Abhi's mobile started to chirp for Bhaskar.........

“Yep boss.”

“You sound dull. Had food?”

‘Boss definitely is a vile fellow. Could tell my history just with word’ thought Abhi as he replied, "Only light meals."

“Fine. Singhvi leaves to Bangalore tomorrow morning. He might be a bit early tonight. Get ready by 8 pm”

“Done boss.”

Abhi gave a look with mixed feelings to Yuvi.

“Fine yuvi. Am leaving...” Yuvi showed his disappointment.

“Abhi don’t mistake me. Why don’t you leave all this and start a new life with a single person whom you could love? Have you ever thought about the real satisfaction, it could give you?”

“Darling..., Honey..., Dear..., these words are not gonna fill either your purse or stomach. Am used to live life with pleasure and comfort. Do you want me to throw all these and come behind you and scratch dirty utensils with you for the rest of my life?"

Yuvi’s face now saddened to a considerable extent. Abhi’s remark about his work instilled a sense of shame in Yuvi’s mind. The ground seemed a better place to look at for Yuvi. Not the mesmerizing face of Abhi anymore.

Abhi said “Hey. I didn’t mean it. Don’t take it personal.” and ended it up with an actual kiss to the unprepared cheek of Yuvi to kiss away his worries and flew from the scene. Yuvi's cheeks deceived his brain to think something funny which gave an output for his lips to widen. Mind is definitely a monkey as they say. A person could instil shame in you at a fraction and could kiss it off too.

It’s still Room No. 201. Steamy sleazy bath. Spa aromatic fragrance. Shiner. Blue pill just 5 minutes before 8 pm. The masquerade was about to begin.

Singhvi made a hasty entry to the room and locked it. His jasmine scent began to encroach the room. Singhvi is not drunk like the previous night since he may decided to have the conscious electrocution to his senses today. Same ghastly smile with tobacco footnotes between teeth but powdered his face with Yardley - Abhi thought. Singhvi definitely looked four years younger. Ohh... Come on... Can Yardley powder convert an albino chimpanzee into Prince of Wales? It is still what it is but with a little bit of deception.

Singhvi gave Abhi his usual bear hug. Singhvi’s hands traveled all over Abhi’s back giving some artistic touches at specific points.

“Why don't you leave all this and give it to only the person you love?” Yuvi’s voice still managed to echo into Abhi's mind. Singhvi's touches turned to be centipede crawls on Abhi. An acrid feel Abhi couldn’t tolerate.

Singhvi has already crossed the first step (divine foreplay if you like to quote Vatsayanar; first stage in sexual cycle for those who like Masters and Johnson's theory). With uncontrollable passion, Singhvi’s hands held Abhi’s face as if it is a fruit salad platter. He chose the cherries dripping with honey and tried to suck a little nectar.

Abhi made a sudden flight to the bathroom. Singhvi stood baffled by Abhi’s move. All he could hear now was suggestive of the fact that the cherries chose to vomit out even its deep nectar. Singhvi is in no mood to ponder on the five Ws and one H of that event. He waited patiently in the bed when Abhi made a guilty appearance from the bathroom.

“Alright Abhi. Take rest. We’ll have it tomorrow.” expecting only these lines from Singhvi and Abhi started with a "Sorry Sirrr...".

Singhvi did not give him the time to even complete his sir as he showed very clearly that the Bear meant business and all it needs is the honey. Abhi was surely stunned as Singhvi undressed himself and started proceeding to the second stage of M & J cycle. ‘Humanity’ - It only weighs in terms of sculpted muscles and serious fat. Evolution doesn’t necessarily bring out the best of humanity. Singhvi chose to have his evolution stunted at the stage of a Chimpanzee.

Abhi took few minutes to understand this theory. "Just a minute sir" Abhi excused for a few seconds as he gulped another blue pill too. Body has gone numb. Well the mind has already been given its due. Abhi synced everything and handed over the remote to Singhvi.

Hugs, kisses and finally the painting of rockets... Business as usual.

Another day marked its attendance....

Bhaskar chirped on Abhi's mobile

“What’s wrong with you Abhi? Do you know the stature of Singhvi? Never had such a complaint so far. If you don’t have the interest tell me openly. Dogs are always waiting for the master’s leftovers. You don’t get to be the special dog to have choice. Siddharth was my first choice for this Ooty trip. I gave you this offer only out of my special concern for you. Singhvi was deeply saddened by your behaviour. He’s leaving to Bangalore tonight. You’ll be having your next work only by tomorrow night. Think. If you can’t make it tell me by today. I’ll arrange Siddharth for tomorrow.”

“Sorry Boss”

Bhaskar did not wait to hear that. Even if he hears, there will be no change. Business matters above everything. But Abhi’s only feel is the choice of words used by his supposed-to-be-friend cum arranger.

Well. The mind has its own game. It plays with a wide choice of emotions ranging from anger to shame all at the same time. The blame game is always the best to counter such emotional turmoil’s. Death of his parents? Abuse of the Hotel owner? The person who taught sleeping with several as the success step for modelling? And finally Yuvi who echoed uncomfortable thoughts into the monotonous happy life enjoyed by Abhi? No one was there to take the blame. Someone has to answer. Abhi now knew where exactly he would find that. After some hasty refreshments, Abhi checked in at the park. The grass in his spot of enlightenment looked a little fractured and modest. ‘Weighing thoughts have the same effect too.’

Abhi made a desperate search around the park. Yuvi is nowhere to be found. Abhi relaxed himself in solo. The butterfly fritters, little angel's smile, chill breeze... Wordsworth would have fallen in love with everything. Even Abhi had, till yesterday. What's a heaven without a company?

Time to ponder and regret ‘I had relaxed life, Money, Pleasure, Attention, Everything. Am I really satisfied? What if I had a heart attack yesterday? Singhvi would definitely have coitus even with a corpse. Only when his paid price is justified he would even think about other things. Well. A third person might not have such sympathy over me. But my friend, Bhaskar, How soul crushing his words were! You don't get to be the special dog to have a choice. Am I a little lesser than a dog?'

The thoughts grew excruciatingly painful. ‘Yuvi was right. If I have someone to love me, to look at me as a human first, to give me choice and an unconditional love. If only I get someone. Maybe Yuvi’. Abhi stood resisting all the cupid arrows of Yuvi yesterday. Now he needs to be pierced right through his heart and his everything. But Yuvi did not show up today. Afternoon passed by..... Someone should cry - The cloud chose it - Dews, drizzles, sprinkles and finally a shower. Abhi had to reiterate temporarily to his room. Lost in his thoughts, Abhi laid on the bed with wet clothes.

Someone knocked the door....

‘Who? I have not even ordered for room service’

No points for guessing. Its Yuvi without the handkerchief. If man had invented white fabric to be worn during rains to showcase our inner beauties, then Yuvi is justifying it on all accounts. Whatever is transparent in Yuvi desperately tried to make a trespass with Abhi. Yuvi didn’t require a shiner to simmer with glow unlike Abhi.

“Hey. Soaked like sackcloth. Why did you?”

“No Abhi. I had to do some extra work today. Couldn’t come to the park on time. Looked for you. Showers... So, decided to come to your room.”

“Ho. So you expected me to sit there, dripping like movie heroine’s?"

“I don’t have idea about those heroines. But am damn sure that my hero waited for me there.” Yuvi's fingers exposed the truth of Abhi’s wet hair. For the first time, Abhi felt a bit shy.

Both dried their hairs and tried to hide their feelings at the same time. They did not have to communicate their desires openly. Such sensual feelings have the nasty habit of roaming naked.

          “The showers are truly unexpected. Coimbatore is having the summer showers too.” Yuvi started with his meteorological observation. The conversation deviated, divulged and finally touched on the topic of inflation.

“Abhi. Don't mistake me. Normally how much do you charge?”

“Oh, that? I charge my mobile for 6 hours. My laptop for 8 hours.”

“Am not asking that.”

“I know what you're asking. To have sex... It depends. Starts from a minimum of 20,000. Different charge for per hour service. More for full night leasing out. Old is gold. So elderly ones have to dole out more. Sometimes seasonal.”  Yuvi's catering mind could not prevent the image of hotel menu coming to his mind when Abhi made this declaration.

“How much for boys like me?”


“How much do you charge for sleeping with boys like me?” Yuvi asked hesitatingly.

“Ha.. ha... Hmmm... Let me think. For boys like you, 20,000 would do.”

“Abhi. Did you think about what I told you yesterday?”

Abhi interrupted him at this moment. “No. No more lectures about love and lovelorn lullabies. But I have made a decision. To be with someone who could genuinely love me. To be with someone who could fill my life with love and nights with pure passion. To be with.... my... Yuvi.”

Abhi felt relieved after this confession. Yuvi got electrified and made the first move to Abhi. First time, a kiss meant a kiss to Abhi. When you have several traumas to a soft region it tends to get paralyzed. All it takes is a feather to tickle the senses again. Without any hesitation, expectation, any other second thoughts, Abhi made sure that his lover gets everything and feels it too. Choose between perfume and natural body scent, the nature always provides the better one, free of cost. Blue pills are for burdened souls. The nights of passionate lovers needs nothing else.

The early morning search of a true lover’s hand is always towards his partner; and certainly not to his clothes. For Abhi, it ended up in his clothes. Abhi sprang up nakedly from his bed and looked around for Yuvi. Thinking not to trouble Abhi with unnecessary searches, Yuvi had left a note on his table.

Abhi opened it with trembling fingers and thumping heart.

Dear Abhi,

Am leaving. Don’t mistake me. I had a desire to sleep with you. You had a desire to be with me. I hope, we got what we wanted. You don’t have the fidelity to love a person and am no saint to accept you in my life. My best wishes and prayers to you for getting the love you desire.

Your one night flame

The heart bleeds but what we could see are only dew drops making a decent exit.

Bhaskar made the chirpy interruption.


Abhi paused for few seconds to metamorphose again.

“Send Singhvi. Am all set boss.” laughed the ‘Call Boy’ Abhimanyu who now learnt that dew drops below the waist are valued much more by men than the ones that are shed above it.


  1. Translation is very super, mainly "For a first time, abhi little felt shy" word & attractive pictures (sitting the Ground & Crying eyes) are too good...

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