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Thursday, 7 November 2013


During my counseling sessions I have encountered many bisexuals (most of them married a woman) who questioned about the genuinity of gay love and marriage. Bisexuals who are happy with their double faking life always take a dig at Gays who speak about relationship. These bisexuals have no rights to question a gay’s life. Anyway to make these people understand the truth about gays, gay love and gay marriage I will answer those irritating questions.

1.      Bisexual says that Gays are feminine
                                                          My dear Bisexual brothers. If you find a person to be feminine  then with all respect that person is a transgender. A gay is just like any other ordinary man with manly attributes and feelings. Sometimes, in rare cases you can spot clean shaven and childish gays. They behave like that so as to escape from the struggle in their minds. Otherwise a gay is fully a normal male and sometimes much more manly than a straight male. I know many married bisexual men who wish to be bottoms. Does that make those bisexual men as feminine?      
                                          If any of you have an idea of statistics consider this view. Gay community is relatively a minority group and the chances of spotting a feminine gay is just one on ten. Among 100 bisexuals you can spot at least 10 guys who are feminine. Now proportionately 1 in 10 bisexual is also feminine. So hold back your tongue. YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL A GAY AS A FEMININE PERSON. A GAY IS ALSO A PERFECT MALE AND SOMETIMES EVEN A BETTER MALE THAN YOU. NOT ALL GAYS ARE BOTTOMS AND NOT ALL BISEXUALS ARE TOPS.

2.      Bisexual says that Gays cheat in relationships
                                                 Cheating a person is an innate quality possessed by both men and women. Both the sexes cheat other. They cheat in the name of love quite often. How many married men lie down only with their wives? Don’t you read media reports of how a wife gets her husband killed by her illegitimate lover? So my kind request to you is don’t associate cheating only with Gays.                        
Every human being cheats. Think about the comforts you have got in your life. You are recognized by the society. You have children and a perfect family set up. You have people supporting you. You are living a wonderful life in the society. But despite all these positives in your life you cheat your wife and occasionally have sex with both men and women. Now consider a Gay. He has no support system. It is just an unrecognized and non – legal relationship between two men. They face harassment and also hardships. Despite this many gays maintain their dignity and live their relationships genuinely.      


3.       Bisexual feels that it is o.k. to use a Gay for his sexual feelings:
                        I have seen many bisexuals who use Gays both for their financial and sexual needs. A real incident: A Gay was cheated by a bisexual in the name of love. He made that Gay to purchase an expensive laptop, a gold chain and even a newly launched mobile. But using that mobile that bisexual made calls to his girl lover. He just used this gay once in a while and on one fine day he found a silly reason to break up that relationship. Can you give one good explanation for this thing?         

                                                            If you are a bisexual have relationship with another bisexual. Never touch a Gay for your needs. A true Gay never accepts a Penis that travelled in a women’s Vagina. Even on hearing this thing it is disgusting. My dear bisexual brothers, imagine how much disgusting it will be for a Gay if you use him up for your needs. I myself have been in this situation. My ex lover approached me one week after his first night with his wife. When he tried to touch me I felt like a bag of worms let down in my body. Remember my dear bisexual. A GAY IS NOT AN ATM MACHINE OR AN OPEN PROSTITUTE FOR A BISEXUAL.

When I asked a bisexual why he does not prefer to have sex with another bisexual and instead come to a Gay for his sexual need, he replied and I quote, ‘See. If I go to another bisexual I cannot be comfortable because he might have had relationship with a woman and it becomes disgusting for me.’ I asked him,”You are a bisexual and you yourselves have contact with woman and then come to a gay also. Won’t the Gay feel disgusting?” He coolly replied to me, “A Gay does not have shame and a sense of morality. So a Gay will accept me for sex but I won’t accept another bisexual to have sex with me.”
So what do you think about Gays? Are they animals? Being a bisexual you have no right to use a Gay like this and don’t ever justify your debauchery by calling a Gay as immoral.

4.      Bisexual says that homosexuality is just a phase of life:           
                         Majority of the Gays are Gays by birth. It is nature’s gift to us. Look at all the geniuses and great men right from Leonardo da Vinci to Maharaja Manvendra Singh. They are all Gays right from their birth and are never ashamed about it. Go and look at the achievements and the exceptional skills of Gays. Majority of Gays are successful in their academics and their career. Even more majority of Gays have great artistic skills and scientific minds than those dumb bisexuals.               

 We are different. You don’t have the right to say what is correct and what is not. Gays are a part of human race right from Stone Age. For some dumb bisexuals this does not appeal. They just say that we find unscientific reasons to justify ourselves. If you have a better knowledge about us why don’t you prove it? When you don’t know about a thing it is better to keep quite. If you want to ask a hundred questions about a Gay’s life then I will ask you a thousand questions about you bisexuals. But we want to maintain our dignity. So kindly allow us to lead our life and we won’t meddle or question your life.


-      John Paul

(To be continued……………)


  1. super...I enjoyed to read each word...what a confident giving words...thanks to John paul and you...continue...

    1. Thank you so much Sam. Always feel proud to be a gay.

  2. Replies
    1. தமிழில்தான் நிறைய எழுதிக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறேனே சக்தி... சில கட்டுரைகள் ஆங்கிலத்தில் இருக்கட்டும், அவர் அனுபவங்களை அவருக்கு எளிதாக இருக்கும் மொழியிலேயே எழுதட்டும்...

    2. I'd
      love to write in Tamil but I have problem in Tamil typing. Further you
      have our wonderful Vijay Vicky to write exemplary articles in Tamil.
      He's undisputably the best when it comes to Tamil.

  3. Quite an interesting post John but I would like to differ on some of the views. It is really unfortunate that you have come across bisexuals who treated you in a "strange" manner. Some folks come out in the open, some stay in the closet and some lead a married life. I would say that the bisexuals who lead a married life are the worst suffering. They live in a fully troubled double world. Neither able to enjoy this or that..So let us not be prejudiced and see them in a different way. Let us just love the people who love us:)

    1. Dear brother, This is not my personal view against some bisexuals. It is the view of majority of gays against majority of bisexuals. Further I have not criticized their personal life in my article. I have tried to answer the irritating questions asked by almost all bisexuals. I am least cared about their double life. It is their choice. What I wised to say is that they have got no right to touch or speak about a gay. I am not prejudicing against them. I don't want them to mess up with a Gay's life. I never allowed any bisexual in my life except for my ex - lover and I am not worried about the "strange" manner of treatment given by them. I wished to voice for the Gays who are tortured by the bisexuals. Being a counselor I handled more than 500 bisexuals from the age group of 18 to 75. I was non - judgmental with them till they started to criticize about Gays. By the way you have all rights to differ on views. This article is meant only to cheer up the Gays and instill some confidence in them and not to target bisexuals.

  4. Bro.. I am loving a person who was married and having 2 children. Your statement is wrong. Both of we are loving each other. We never made sex. When we meet, we will transfer kisses only. I can live with his love for my lifetime. I never feel he is bisexual. Still im loving him. If I ask him for sex, surely he will accept. True love expects only love not body.

    1. Dear
      Stalin. You've misunderstood this article. This article is an answer to
      some of the questions posed by bisexuals to gays. It is not intended to
      hit at bisexuals. Read it again and you'll understand.

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  6. You
    know only one good bisexual. I can show you hundreds of bisexuals who
    made me to write this article. I've written all this with a solid proof
    and I'm conducting research on bisexuals for the past few years. Ask any
    true gay and he'll say what I've told is correct. Only time can answer
    your questions.

  7. they are not questions. you passed arrows to discover the answers which ensure the gay's feelings. thank you!

  8. I recently had faced in PR where a bi-guy called me a transgender because I am gay, I gave him fitting reply that he is not even fit to be called a human being as he is just using all for his pleasure and I am a better man than him as he is not even success in bed with a girl or a guy. One other guy who is getting engaged asked me to be his secret lover. I asked him if his wife also has one secret lover, whats the point of their union?

    While we have many questions for these so called brave, macho, manly, straight acting, strong.. lol... seriously coward, weak bi guys, no answers from them. Few guys sleep with gays just to do things that their wife will not do them in their sex life. They think that they have is penis and gays are to worship them, dumb pigs.

    Nice work dude, Keep it up